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Welcome to Safety Redirector!
A completely FREE security plugin for FireFox and Chrome.

How does it work?
Great Question! Everyday we look for malware, phish and scams online and we continually add them to our database.

So you add these "sites" to your database, then what?
Wow! You're on a roll. Safety Redirector checks in with our server upon browser launch to ensure you always have the latest rules. You can always manually refresh the rules by clicking the icon after installation.

Here's how:
Chrome Security Add Ons


Now the sites are in Safety Redirector, and?
Safety Redirector will only take action when you attempt to visit a website we've deemed as malicious or in need of a redirect.

Your type in instead of
We send you to! contains a virus
Accidently type in or click an ad that leads to and we'll kill the connection immediatley!

Cool Facts:
Safety Redirector does NOT slow down your browser
REAL people review the database updates before they go live